My name is Roman, I am the founder of InConnections.
This is the new "LinkedIn" format for effective networking among friends and communities members.

My team and I are preparing a crowdinvesting, and we are happy to invite you to become a co-investor of our unique platform.
What is InConnections?
This is the first social network where users use the power of their friends' social capital as quickly and efficiently as they do in mastermind groups.

Each of us boasts a wide contact list in our phone books and an extensive list of friends on social networks, among whom are top-notch experts in their fields. However, we still need to find someone from time to time: new collaborators, partners, or people who can provide a great venue for an event.

But here's the problem. On social media and messengers, it's hard to quickly understand the professional value of our circle of friends. Let alone finding out what the person's needs are unless you happen to see a stories or a message in a general chat room that directly contains the request.
What is a mastermind
Mastermind is a group format for close-minded people who meet together regularly to support each other and help with personal and professional issues.

For example, if you have lost your job, the group members will help you to write a new resume, share your contacts, and recommend you to their acquaintances.

Mastermind is a mutual improvement group.

Some groups get together to address a specific problem. For example, you are launching a new project. You pick people with positive experiences to help prevent mistakes and bring the project to the launch. Once the problem is solved, such groups are disbanded.

Other mastermind groups support each other on an ongoing basis. In such groups, people work on their goals as a team. Everyone contributes to the success of the other participants, supports them, and shares their experiences and resources.
Why am I making the parallel
with the mastermind group?
This format is most close to solving participants' tasks in a collegial manner, using each person's knowledge and connections.

Imagine a situation. You come to a group of 15 people with a specific request: to gather a team for a project.

You present the idea, describe the specialists you are looking for, and then, the magic of communication begins. Perhaps, some of the participants will immediately offer themselves, but most of them will talk about someone they know, who might suit you. This is where networking comes to the scene. Typically, at masterminds, people find those who are needed for the tasks. But going to events means spending time, which is always lacking.

The point isn't even that InConnections is your ready-made tool for masterminds.

And it's not about your phone book or your social media friends list being the very group you can interact with right now.

It's about how much easier life will become when competencies, connections, recommendations, and requests are all on your phone in the form of a convenient app with 24/7 access.
Where are we now?
We've already tested our hypotheses and the bulk of the functionality, gathered feedback, and structured the flaws in the beta version, which is already available for download.

In one and a half years, our user audience has spread to 142 countries in 7 languages, covering more than 1,400 cities. No investment in advertising and PR was made.

115 people from different countries have expressed a desire to become an Ambassador of the App in their area. They share ideas, and some joined the core team.

Corporations and community owners send in requests to acquire our App through the White Label model.

In this way, several processes are going on in parallel:

1. The main version of the App is getting ready for launch (expect an announcement this fall);

2. The affiliate program for end-users is almost ready;

3. The White Label concept for the corporate sector is being developed.

It is obvious that our idea has a huge potential for social interaction both on a global level and in small groups of people. That's why we decided to conduct the first round of attracting external investments through crowdinvesting.
What is crowd-investing
Crowd-investing got its name from two words, which are pretty obviously explaining the process.

Expanding investment opportunities and the desire to profit from different industries are generating new market opportunities. What is crowdfunding in simple terms? It is when companies raise massive capital from as many people as possible. The best part is that the number of benefits from this kind of investing is only growing.

The amounts for investment are minimal, which is attracting investors.
Our offer
$1.5 million.
Currently, our project is estimated
$50 million
This estimate will rise in 2023
In the next 2 months, we plan to raise
The minimum investment amount is
Company in the USA
We're already in the process of registration company in Delaware
What do investors get?

Private investors invest in our startup and receive an equity in the company.

What will our company get?

Capital for development and freedom of action. I will say that responsibility for the result and money of investors gives me much more motivation than business plans and complex financing schemes from professional investors.
We will be motivated to increase the value of the company even more, realizing that people believed in us with their money.

Valuation of InConnections?

The valuation is based on our confidence that the company and the product it creates are scalable. At the same time, growth is objectively not limited, and subjective factors are favorable, since InConnections, from our point of view, is a unique company that combines many factors that contribute to achieving success (idea, team, results, market, ambassadors). These factors are difficult to assess today in reports and figures, it is necessary to consider everything as a whole.

How to report the company's ability to attract enthusiastic ambassadors from different countries, just by phone? How to assess enthusiasm and ability to create new things and make non-standard decisions? We cannot measure all of this, but we understand this value. We invite investors to give us a chance to implement our plan!

What are our plans and development strategy?

For the social network, active users are the top priority.
We are now focused on developing the new version of the application, which we plan to announce this autumn.

The main channel for promotion will be the Ambassador program (mainly community owners, event organizers, opinion leaders). The program, which we have already tested, took into account the shortcomings, in the new version of the application we plan to develop and expand the ambassador program.

Where will the investment go?

Investments will go primarily to the development of the team, the development of the application and the attraction of ambassadors. The main goal is to expand an active audience, and we will do everything necessary to achieve this goal.

We plan to carry out the fundraising process on the site -

In the preliminary application, you can not only specify the amount of investment but also ask questions. We will contact each of you and answer them.
You can be among the first investors on our waiting list.
Do you like our project, and are you ready to support it informationally? Share information about us on social media with the hashtag #inconnections.

We won't just be very grateful, but we'll send you a special promo code that will give you access to all the features of the App forever.

Attention! You can only get a promo code during the crowdfunding period.
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